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If like me you spend a lot of your time at work and don’t get the chance to meet many sexy ladies to form any kind of relationship with then UK Doggers can help, It helped me, you see I’m a long distance trucker who drives the lonely roads of the UK delivering goods to supermarkets in most towns and cities, I love my job and seeing different parts of the UK, But it does get lonely sleeping in my cab during the week and only getting it together with my girlfriend at weekends, I get really horny some times when I’m away and decided to try to find away of meeting horny women for NSA sex, I connected my laptop to an BT open zone hot spot at one of the truck stops I regularly stay at and found UK Doggers, I found it interesting and sign up for free as they recommended, I was quite surprised at just how many sexy women there where looking for casual sex, but the thing that swung it for me was the dogging wives who want to fuck truckers.

The next night I found myself parking up in a very popular truck stop in Cheshire and after I had been for my shower and had my dinner I settled down in my truck for the night connected my laptop and started to search for horny ladies, To my amazement I come across Sandra’s sexy profile in it she said I am a married lady looking for some no strings sex with horny men and that she was a Dogging wife that fucks truckers, well that did it for me I checked out her location and blow me she was only a few miles up the road form where I had parked, I wasted no time in sending her a message hoping in my heart of hearts that she was free that night to play.

It took her about half an hour to reply to my message, she seemed very keen to know about me and what I was looking for, we got on really well and she seemed to have a real interest in my truck, what make it was and how big, she asked me to contact her the next time I parked in a Popular truck stop which I agreed, I remember thinking after she signed off that was probably the last time I would chat to her, Boy I couldn’t have been more wrong, A week later I had the same run and parked up at a Popular Truck stop in Cheshire I won’t through my usual routine and again settled down with my laptop, I searched for Sandra but she was offline I left her a message then started to watch the TV, I think it must have been about an hour or so later when I herd a sound from my PC when I checked it I found a message from Sandra the Dogging wife that fucks truckers, she was asking how I was, and if I was at the Popular truck stop, I told her I was, I was so surprised and excited by her reply, she said give me an hour and I will come and meet you.

I was sitting in my cab I still had some of the curtains open and could see other truckers milling about, I noticed a cab pull up near my truck, one of the back doors opened and a sexy lady wearing a waist length jacket, short skirt and stocking got out, I know it was Sandra straight away, I opened the door of my truck and jumped out, I walked over to her and said Hi, she was so fucking gorgeous I couldn’t believe my luck. She said come on then lets see your truck then, I took her back to my cab, opened the passenger door for her and helped her in, then climbed in behind her, we chatted for ages and we both felt attracted to one another, I have never met a Dogging wife that fucks truckers before and let me tell you I had the best sex in my truck that night, all the other truckers parked near me must have known we where fucking because the truck was swaying from side to side in a regular motion. Sandra is an amazing Dogging wife that fucks truckers, we meet up when ever I stop at the Popular Truck Stop, We have even had a quickie behind my trailer once when I parked near the fence one night, oh she certainly is a game girl.

Thanks to UK Dogging I have really started to enjoy my nights out, I have met other Dogging wife that fucks truckers in other area’s building my self a nice little black book of sex ladies who like to fuck truckers, I would recommend to any one who spends time away from home to have some fun on UK Doggers. I was chatting to one of the team at UK Doggers one day and she asked me if I would like to tell my story to encourage other lonely truckers to find Dogging wife that fucks truckers, which I was only to glad to,

I hope Malcolm’s story inspires you truckers to have some fun, here at UK Doggers you will find Dogging wife that fucks truckers only to willing to share in casual sex in a car park, so come and sign up for free and you to could be having Dogging wife that fucks truckers.

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