Wives with no knickers on in public places

Hi there I am Julie and I am one of the sexy Wives with no knickers who loves sex in public, I have been going to dogging meets with my husband Dave in or around our local town of Chelmsford, we have made some really good friends over time and look forward to our next dogging encounter with them but we are always’ looking to make new friends, Finding dogging contacts is so much easier now we are members of UK Dogging there are thousands of dogging contacts regularly updated for us to search through all over the UK so if ever we fancy taking a trip to other areas’ of Britain all we have to do is search for other Wives with no knickers in public and make a reservation in a hotel in that area. We mainly like to meet doggers near our home town though, it’s where we feel most comfortable.

Not all Wives with no knickers in public are married ladies we have found lots of single mums and single women who regularly hook up with guy’s who have some experience of dogging. No Dave and I have ben going to dogging meets for longer than I care to remember, we started the same as most doggers searching through newspapers and contact mags, then moved on to searching online at adult contact and swingers sites but we couldn’t find the right partners for dogging, We cam to the conclusion that the only thing for it was to start a website dedicated to our friends and all kinky dogger in the UK, and that’s when UK Dogging was born, every one is welcome to join UK Dogging especially if you want to meet Wives with no knickers in public, we have made it free to sign up so all you have to do is fill in a simple form and your on your way to meeting more Wives with no knickers in public, so why not start your search today.

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